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Don’t say you haven’t heard yet of … A Story That Wasn’t !

Dear Story-animal,

Dear visitor of InBetween,

What are we up for this month?

We are happy to host the young artist and ‘author’ of A Story That Wasn’t, Helena Lemonnier (1989) – who lives and works in Brussels. Our collaboration is based on a common interest to challenge the confines of a well-defined art space like InBetween. With this site-specific work we also hope to stimulate a debate on the relation between life and art. But let me end this introductory paragraph with this intruding question: how would you say the stories and images concerning your grandparents have determined and inspired you, and how have they (ful)filled your minds?

As we speak and blog, Lemonnier starts building up her ‘interdisciplinary’ installation in the front room of InBetween. This installation will take a lot of effort since it deals with photography, projections and soundscapes. It combines almost everything in which Lemonnier took a special interest since her graduation at Sint-Lucas School of Arts (Brussels).

Personal and social history come together in A Story That Wasn’t. Some old photographs from her grandparents’ archive become a centrepiece in an event that didn’t happen. Lemonnier delves into her own inherited past and mixes up facts, oral history and imagination. In InBetween, she turns an intricate pattern of storytelling into a site-specific installation.

A Story That Wasn’t trespasses the purely ‘biographical’ though her grandparents’ archive is a more than a trigger of the whole project. It connects well to the philosophical interest in the concept of ‘potentiality’ (from Adorno to Agamben) and today’s importance of ‘memory’ in the visual arts.  In Lemonnier’s own words: “A state of affairs is contingent when it is subject to chance, when it happens to be one way and could just as well have been another. This condition, in which things could just as well have been otherwise, involves potentiality, the possibility of an alternative reality. In A Story that Wasn’t I show a specific interest in the concept of potentiality by constructing, on the basis of photographs from my grandparents’ archive, an event that didn’t happen.”

Apart from transforming this exhibition room, we strife to collaborate with – during the course of the exhibition – a couple of youngsters from Ixelles (of Brussels) that might have an interest in doing some creative work on their own grandparents’ archive! Lemonnier’s A Story That Wasn’t would accordingly become an inspiration and starting point for a three-day workshop on digital storytelling. The work of the youngsters will be presented in the back rooms of InBetween on the last day of the exhibition. If you have any interest or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me:

We’d also like to do an open call to anybody reading our blog or other: if you have any pictures or stories of your grandparents to share, please let us know, or send them to us in interesting format. We’ll add them to InBetween’s temporary archive in the course of the month of May and the first weeks of June.

Anyhow, we hope to see you at the opening of A Story That Wasn’t on wednesday May 13, starting at 6pm. Give us a likeable sign of your presence via facebook? And don’t forget: Please bring your grandparents or grandchildren and everybody inbetween!


From 14.05 till 13.06

Opening hours
Wed – Fri: 4pm–8pm
Sat: 2pm – 6pm

For more information on Lemonnier’s work, see her personal website.

Lemonnier is co-founder of the Brussels artist collective EUGENE.

See you soon,
All the best,

Tom Viaene


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