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Under surveillance in InBetween! What does it all imply?!

Copyright: EMAF/Kerstin Hehmann

Copyright: EMAF/Kerstin Hehmann

(Picture is from Niklas Goldbach’s Ten.)

InBetween is hosting a project of the Goethe-Institut this month!

UNTER VERDACHT: MEDIEN UND KONTROLLE – that deals with the question of how far economical and state-driven institutions can intervene in our public and private lives – fits well in InBetween’s mission and overall program. It’s – in Goethe’s language – gefundenes fressen! This exposition with masterclass zooms in on the digital surveillance systems that trespass every frontier and on the relations between power(-structures), the individual and society. Work of big shots like Gerhard Richter, Harun Farocki and Mischa Kuball is part of this ‘travelling’ exposition that was first shown in Paris in November of last year.

To have ‘a’ Richter in InBetween – who was reported to have claimed last week that ‘the amount of money that art sells for is shocking’ ( – is a little confusing, almost contradictory, when you think we are a platform for young upcoming (poor) artists! This morning we transported Bridge 14 Feb 45 III (2000) from the European quarter in Brussels to InBetween in a car too small to even stretch your legs. It felt like an exciting trip, as if we were driving with a ‘cartoonesque’ version of an armored money car through the city …


UNTER VERDACHT is an initiative of the European Media Art Festival Osnabrück and was originally curated by Hermann Nöring. Hermann will arrive in Brussels on wednesday the 18th. He has pre-informed us on how to install the video’s and showed an openness to adapt the whole exposition to the specific architecture and site of InBetween. We are especially looking forward to project Mark Formanek’s Standard Time (2004) on our big street-window. This video, in which workers construct a digital presentation of ‘real time’ running, will definitely attract passers-by on the streets.

This is an exposition about the impact of digital surveillance systems in our lives, and about having a camera, following us, everywhere. And that’s what Kuschmirz’ ‘shy camera’ will do in InBetween. Each time a visitor passes by, this camera, hooked to the ceiling, will turn towards him or her. Gregor will come to install his camera a day before the opening. Curious how he will manage, because InBetween has quite ‘stubborn’ ceilings!

InBetween tries to give youngsters (new) chances through the arts. InBetween also wants to include those youngsters in specific socio-political debates through the arts. In the context of UNDER SURVEILLANCE we’d like to tackle that question in particular by inviting all the people who work with youngsters in the context of the city of Brussels. That’s why we are planning this masterclass, ‘under the surveillance’ of the artist Mischa Kuball, who is taking part in this exposition with his video-installation CNN (2009) – which we also transported this morning.


‘Challenging participatory arts: youngsters in the city’ is meant for teachers in training, art educators, socio-cultural workers, artists and all the people who work with youngsters, in public space or in institutions like schools and museums. Kuball will guide them through a series of questions concerning the possibilities for youngsters today to tackle socio-political questions through the (community) arts. If you have any questions or want to registrate, please contact me: 

This Masterclass will be in English, but for those of you who read Dutch, here’s a nice version of our set-up, thanks to the people of the non-partisan public research and advocacy organization, DEMOS vzw, who were so kind to distribute this more thoroughly through their networks of Brussels:

Achtung! Here’s an open call to the citizen, streetwalker in you: i would like to invite any one to take pictures (with your smartphones or other) of all the surveillance systems you bump into on the streets and add them to our event-page on Don’t be shy, just look for camera’s! We will arrange a ‘best of’ on our blog through the course of this exposition.

One more question to end my blog post on this upcoming event. A quizz transmitted through the medium of a blog post: To what thinker/philosopher is Farocki’s video work Ich glaubte Gefangene zu sehen (2000) referring to? Send your answer to before March 21. The winner will be given a dvd of Mark Formanek’s Standard Time (2004)!

I would almost forget about the lunch debate on March 26: Kristof Clerix, who is an investigative journalist of worldwide security services, will moderate a debate between Jan Philip Albrecht (a EU representative of the German green party) and the already mentioned artist Mischa Kuball. Bring your sandwiches and critical voices, we will need some fresh input here!

For those who want the information well-structured, here is the one and only link:

Hope to see you all on the opening of UNTER VERDACHT !


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