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Registrate now for the masterclass on ‘Who is the Other in art?’ !


The masterclass Who is the Other in art? : For (academic) students of Levinas’ philosophy and artists interested in exploring the implications of Levinas’ ethical work for aesthetics and artistic practice. Over the course of 90 minutes, our artist-in-residence Paulo Alves will expose the perspective an artist sheds on Levinas’ Totalité et Infini (1961): who is the Other in art? What status do materials and objects have? How do Levinassian concepts of light, horizon, nudity and the face apply to art? You are invited to assist a conference-performance by Paulo on Levinas and discuss with him these and other issues relating to an aesthetical reading of a book that is about ethics.

Masterclass Who is the Other in art?

Saturday 31 January (2 – 4 pm) OR

Friday 6 February (2 – 4pm) OR

Friday 13 February (2 – 4pm)

Registration required:

Artist-researcher, born in London, currently living in Brussels. Paulo is an award-winning social scientist, having completed in 2012 a Phd on poverty issues. He is currently enrolled in the Phd on Arts and Sciences of Art of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, researching on the feasibility of an ethics-empowered aesthetics. As a visual artist, he has gone from wall constructions to installations, increasingly exploring the performed aspects of the process of artistic creation. His performances stem from what is called “material performance” and frequently engage the membrane. They include “Northern Lights (recast)” (Encontros Baldios 2013, Espaço Alkantara, Lisbon), “Performance for Paper and One Dancer” (La Bellone, Brussels), “Development of an Arm” (Centro de Arte Graça Morais, Bragança) and “The making of “Untitled”” (Gc de Maalbeek, Brussels).


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