Piazza's Artspace in Brussels

DAY THREE – Paulo Alves’ diary

Paulo Alves, this month’s artist in InBetween, is writing a diary in the context of LET’S FACE (IT), LEVINAS!


I’ve been carrying you in my brain and in the tip of my fingers for long now. Now it’s time I let you go, I let you out. Fairly quickly. You’ve never really belonged here. You’re something else (than me).


A great principle of ethics in arts (as elsewhere) is this one: what I do is not exceptional, what I say is not exceptional. Another principle that couples nicely with the former one is: he/she/it, and what they do, is exceptional. Exhibit A: take an interview published yesterday on La Libé, especially towards the end: Another principle: I shall claim no ethical or aesthetical superiority over my fellow artist. What I do is what I can do, it suits me and I am (mostly) happy with it. At the same time, I enjoy being knocked off my shoes by the work – or the word – of somebody else. Another principle: most implications of an ethical principle can apply to you and not to the others. Your general rule is not the general rule of all the others. Hence the principle is confirmed. It is proven correct. It is proven true.


Note to self: have to write to Leticia Sekito so she knows that I will be finally re-enacting the first part of her performance on Saturday, as faithfully as the imprint it left in my memory and on my feet many years ago still whispers.


Tomorrow when I see you again, you shall not be the same. One day when I reassemble you, you shall be something else I have never seen before, even in the crystal ball. Your shape will be determined by something I shall interpret as being luck, or chance, but might as well be something quite deterministic but which escapes my control and my understanding. It probably does not escape yours, but hey – you know better. All I have always offered is the context, (some of) the initial conditions, the means. I shall have facilitated an excuse, and opportunity. I might have been the elements. And you are rather the (s)he.


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