Piazza's Artspace in Brussels

Happening ‘I fall under the light you shed’ (Sat, 24 January, 2 – 4 pm)


From 12 January to 13 February, InBetween hosts the performer and visual artist Paulo Alves for a specific encounter with the other. Alves has this thing for the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas who prioritized the encounter with the Other despite of your private thoughts or excuses: if all work(experiences) includes a relation to the other as ‘moral ground’, am I not obliged then to subordinate my work to more hospitality according to a collective development process?

For Paulo Alves participation involves things in a broad sense: matters of concern that enable exchanges between people and objects. In InBetween, Alves is getting absorbed into something new by putting his ideas at risk. Thereby he confronts himself with groups of people or even a practice of art (sculpture) he is not immediately familiar with. Alves’ intervention is about handing over control over the initial set-up to ‘others’.

But what is Alves up to really, if not denouncing an end product and questioning his authority as an artist? Now, clearly Alves facilitates something in a process-like manner, or is at least inviting your input in order for him to at least take up that expected role. The answer lies in what the facilitator expects from you.

Paulo facilitates the following ‘face-to-face’ in InBetween on Saturday the 24th of January, between 2 and 4 pm:

The happening I fall under the light you shed : Visitors can expect a ‘welcoming affair’ in which one comes to face the other. What is emerging out of if? A communion-in-the-moment? A leap into moral bonding? A distraction away from art? A commitment to the issues of the world?


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