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Start of the new season!


InBetween’s new season starts on Friday night the 3th of 0ctober with the opening of Peter Puype’s Exile Travel: a travel agency for refugees – also to be seen during the same month, at the ‘Mediations Biennale’ (Poland) and the ‘Faust Kunsthalle’ (Germany). Exile Travel thus unforcefully connects Brussels, Poznan and Hannover as if becoming a transnational agency. Peter Puype presents an ‘installation’ that crosslinks the vicissitudes of some refugees to an European discourse of fear and security. This installation urges a self-inquiry into the role of the artist regarding socio-political matters.

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Exile Travel finds an ideal home in InBetween. InBetween is situated on the brink where the ‘bombing’ of shops on the Chaussée d’Ixelles diminishes. Below that peristyle, having that show window, you could expect another shop, or: a travel agency. Starting from the 3th of October, heading for Flagey, looking for a new travel destination, you might want to enter this world where rational boundaries curb into emotional testimonies and stories.

As an intricate re-enactement of a travel agency, Exile Travel is also an ideal starting point to work with youngsters and young artists. During the month of October we explore the relations between art and migration, between art and social critique. These youngsters are invited to participate in two sorts of masterclasses: 1. writing on migration and arts – 2. the locus of the refugee in your artistic practice.

Inscriptions: (till the 10th of October).

EXILE TRAVEL – Peter Puype

Opening: 3 October, 7 pm

4 – 29 Oct

wed – sat : 2 – 6 pm


At InBetween three solo-exhibitions follow one another this fall.

Following Exile Travel, starting in November, we offer a graduating young artist the opportunity to build a professional exhibition outside the school. The talented Tanusha Latifaj stimulates second-thoughts on the meaning of the ‘frame’ in (her) paintings. Ambitious as she is, also she wrestles with headstrong borders in InBetween. In December we host the performance artist Paulo Alves. He breaks open the borders between the art work and the public: he is interested in the many ways the publics can contribute to an art work. Unlike Puype, who is messing with the borders between art and politics, Alves’ work questions the existing delimitations between art and ethics.

Three solo’s, but none of them are egotistic free-riders. Each exhibition exposes the relation between the individual and the collective. Exile Travel is a clear forerunner in that regard: it seems to totally give up the individuality of artistic expression by bringing to the forefront the travel stories of the other. Latifaj’s paintings mark the importance of imposed ‘frames’ and toys with the expectations of the public in that regard. Alves from his part, fully draws in the public and consequently relativizes the individual value of an artistic enterprise.


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