Piazza's Artspace in Brussels

You can delete any comment that you create

You can delete any comment that you create

Join us for the opening of our new exhibition: ‘you can delete any comment that you create’, May 6th from 6 PM – …

Guest-curator Karima Boudou assembles the work of four international artists. They create small actions and gestures or opt for close views upon the phenomena of distribution of information trough technology. Their work raises questions about matters such as copyright laws in regard to creative industries and processes of loss of the original through socio-political, economical and artistic processes.

Where is the original? And what about the relativity of ‘originality’? How does changing the context alter the object or our perception of it? What can re-enactments add? What gets lost in the process of distribution? The presented artworks provoke these and other questions.

Artists: Soufiane Ababri, Agency, Judith Deschamps, Seth Price


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