Piazza's Artspace in Brussels

KARL BERG//Phase 4 (last, but not least)

“If there is nothing missing in my life, then why do those tears come at night?” Britney Spears: Lucky, 2005

Karl Berg had been reborn on Facebook, when a multiplicity had created his new life – he consists of many different people now. Phase Four will be the radical further development of the whole project that took place in the space of InBetween in february. Performativity, interdisciplinarity, collectivity, experimentation, the simultaneity of reception and creation – a process inspired by those concepts, leads to a new esthetics one might not be used to. In a final procession, upcoming wednesday, the space will offer an insight in the variety of things that went on in the last four weeks. For this, this can be seen as some sort of result – however, it’s more than that and not the end of the process. A huge installation will offer an experience of the work of the collaboration of Jon Richter/Karl Berg with many different people. The space was turned into a social lab, into a workspace open for everyone, in order to fruitfully confront different practices. Everything is seen as a tool. A multiplicity of media, approaches and ideas won’t give a coherent representation of something pre-existing – but constitute only one step on the way to an unknown future and makes visible traces of a multiplicity of stories that happened. Four phases, each with a different narrative, instigated heterogenous “constructed situations”, in which the participants were confronted with rules, in order to provoke their overcoming – in order to produce a moment of ruptures, in which uncertainty leads to ever new ways of organization. The artist deals with those outcomes, selects and celebrates them, to produce new artworks and through their reintegration instigates the ever ongoing processuality.

Wednesday 26th of February, InBetween, starting @ 19h


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