Piazza's Artspace in Brussels

Your Story, My Story

Maya Freelon Asante

Art space InBetween invites you to collectively experience the role of stories in our lives. Come and join us in this inner-circle where you become what you become through others.

What would we be(come) without stories? Story-lines cross one another, just like people constantly look for spaces to meet. Stories connect people and people connect stories. We become part of the stories of others. And others become part of our own stories. In fact, our personal life only becomes coherent through stories (of others). The only thing that is personal, is the way we tell our stories to others. Individuality is something you earned by way of forming meaningful relations with others.

Face it: We live our lives by listening to and acting upon the stories of others. And you can face this, spot on, upcoming friday night, 21th of february, in InBetween.

There the stories of the people of Helder will merge with the stories of the artist-cum-collective Karl Berg. It’s through their histories that you get to tell other stories. Its through your stories that a new collective history is born.

Write a short email to and you are in for friday night! You needn’t prepare for anything – just bring yourself to this story-desk.

– More on Helder:
– More on the Karl Berg project:
Become friends with Karl Berg:

Image: art work by Maya Freelon Asante, Time Lapse, Tissue Paper and Ink, 30”x20”, 2006


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