Piazza's Artspace in Brussels

KARL BERG // everyone dances, all the time!

First we take Manhattan, then we take … Brussels! Art space InBetween has been taken over, indeed. We received this coercive invitation from a Berlin young artist called Karl Berg, and now we pass it on to you.

“Good evening everybody, this is Karl Berg, Berlin-based practitioner in art and philosophy. I am happy to declare the arrival of Interzone, our wandering performance group. We will occupy the space of InBetween in february, turn it into a constantly changing performance, a Gesamtkunstwerk par excellence. Everyone is cordially invited to join us, everyone is needed – no matter from what background you are. We’ll be a hub for new connections in the city of Brussels, the upcoming capital of the arts in Europe. Here, stories will live their own lives and new collectivities are born, all the time! Come around to have a coffee with me, in the morning sessions everyday from 10am, or any other time. Bring any material that interests you. And mostly, come to our first performance, on wednesday, february 5th, at 20h in the space of InBetween, located at Chaussée d’Ixelles 211. Everyone dances, all the time!”

When occupation leads to new collectivities. Karl Berg operates like an intermediate between Berlin and Brussels. Karl Berg brings different individuals and groups together. He collects ideas, thoughts and materials. He organizes reading and discussion groups (on Deleuze, children books, and whatever stuff you present him). Every day he will edit a new work that is basically ‘collective’. By the end of his residency something of ‘you’ and ‘them’ must have become part of Karl Berg.

Come and jump into Karl Berg’s rabbit hole!


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